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  • AVRs(automatic voltage controllers) for -- Generators, Hydro-powers, Railway coach rectifiers and railway engine generators.
  • Air compressor(screw type)controllers
  • Air Plasma controllers
  • Regulators and Timers for 24V and 12V use for Cars and Heavy Machines
  • Hydraulic controls(Both electronic and Hydraulic)
  • Production of solenoid coils(various voltage and various size for AC &DC
  • LED home system, Solar home system, Inverter home system
  • Oxygen concentrators and centrifuge for hospital use.
  • Ozone production for water-purifier
  • High voltage coils for burners

Why Choose Us?


We can service Inverter Welders, Steel Welders, CO2  welders and Submerged Arc welders.
We can service ECU , EECU, Control Panel, AVRs and Wirings  of All Machines.
We can service ECU ,EECU,Control Panel,AVRs and Wirings  of Generators.


  • No -174/1,Block No - 403/6B
    39 Road, Between 67x68 Road, Mandalay.
  • Phone: +95 95188865
  • Email: drhlasweoo@gmail.com